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How can I receive the most benefits from FREEZN?
We suggest that you watch the 2 minute SAVE TIME & MONEY video. Just click on the video icon at the bottom of the home page. If you have already joined FREEZN, watch the HOW TO USE video to learn easily how to get the most out of FREEZN. The Members Benefit page and other links can also be helpful.

Is FREEZN different from other deal companies?
Yes. FREEZN provides many differences from other companies. We start by giving you a FREE Profile Page where you can Add Your Favorite Places to your page and view those business specials and promotions instantly 365 days a year without being bombarded with emails. This is both a money and time saver!

Can I receive FREE Coupons from FREEZN?
Yes. Many of our Merchants offer FREE Coupons which they upload to our More Deals Page daily. You simply print out and redeem those FREE coupons at the place of business.

Do these FREE Coupons expire?
Yes. All coupons have an expiration date and the Merchant reserves the right to cancel or eliminate any FREE offer without prior notice to the public.

How long do I need to wait to use my coupon?
You can use most Deal of the Day coupons the day after you receive them. If there are different conditions, they are usually noted within the offer. You can use FREE coupons the day you print those off unless it has expired.

Does FREEZN have a Birthday Club?
FREEZN has a Cool Rewards Club where it manages certain promotions, including Birthday Clubs for many of its businesses. Example: Some businesses offer a FREE Coupon (Valued from $5 to $20) just for Signing Up with FREEZN. Some businesses offer a FREE Coupon (Valued from $5 to $20) for Your Birthday and many offer a FREE coupon specific to their business.

How can I sign up for the Birthday Club with certain businesses?
If you are a member of FREEZN, simply go to the Merchants Page and Add them to Your Favorites. Some businesses will include you in their Birthday Club program for just for Adding them to Your Favorites.

How am I notified of FREE coupons?
You determine how you wish to be notified of any Deals and/or FREE coupons. You can choose to be notified by email, text or through Your Account Page. If you do not maintain an active email address with FREEZN, however, you will not receive delivery of any FREE coupons.

Is there a charge to become a Member of Freezn?
No, there is no charge for any of our services to you as a member, only added convenience and interaction.

What if I do not redeem the coupon in the allotted time?
Then the coupon is valued and redeemable at its face value for a period of five years.

Can the coupon be redeemed for cash in place of merchandise?
No, as stated in the terms and conditions, coupons are only redeemable for products and/or services as provided by the business.

Can I give a coupon as a gift?
Yes. Any limitations are stated on the check out page before you purchase.

Can I buy more than one offer for myself?
Usually and when you click on the Buy button, to purchase the coupon, it will state any limitations on the check out page.

How soon can I print out my coupon?
You should be able to print out your coupon within a few seconds of your transaction being completed.

Are the tax and gratuity included?
No. The amount of your coupon represents your cost of the product or service only.

How much should I tip when I redeem my coupon?
That is left to your discretion, however, many people tip on the pre-discounted price.

Must I use the coupon in one visit?
It is generally expected that you will use the coupon in one visit unless otherwise stated on the deal details.

Can I share an offer with my family and/or friends?
Yes and sharing these great deals with your friends can be done within the FREEZN Cool Friends messaging system or, if they are not a member of FREEZN, it’s as easy as clicking on the Facebook or Twitter icon shown on the Deal of the Day page or the More Deals offer. We also have an Affiliate Rewards System that pays you commissions for driving traffic to the Freezn website. (See the Affiliate Rewards Page and the Terms and Conditions for details.)


If we have not answered your questions herein, please feel free to send your questions and/or comments to us through our Contact Link. Thank you for your interest in Freezn.com. We appreciate your suggestions and or comments.