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Charlene G. Rooney, President/CEO

Charlene G. Rooney, President/CEO

Charlene G. Rooney,

There is a business philosophy that has served Charlene well throughout her 45 year career and it is that Leadership should provide wisdom with humble confidence. “It takes a team of talented and dedicated people to propel a company to the top”, says Charlene, owner of Freezn, Inc. “and it is in understanding our strengths and accepting our weaknesses that we can bring together a team comprised of the qualified talent needed for each job.”

When her son, Rob came to her with the original concept for Freezn in December, 2010 she understood immediately that the timing was right for a technology company that presented the advantages he conceived for both the consumer and the merchant. Together they immediately began the process of design and development and have never looked back.

Charlene’s started her career in the banking industry at Southern Commercial Bank in the 60’s quickly rising to the top where President, Bob Hawkins offered her the position of Vice President of the Bank of Hillsboro. She chose instead to join her husband in beginning their own, still operational, design/build firm in 1966 and they went on to design, develop and operate the first chain of super pumper gas/convenience stores in the St. Louis area. Their businesses generated over $50,000,000 in annual sales before selling a portion off to Texaco. Having founded and managed several successful companies since, Charlene has worked in most every aspect of business including marketing, purchasing, accounting and operations management. Her experience in Corporate America gives her an intuitive insight for what is needed to head up a successful business. She believes in an open door policy and remains always accessible to the Company’s Customers, Affiliates, Marketing Team and Merchants.

Robert J. Rooney, Jr., V President/Business Development Director

Robert J. Rooney, Jr., V President/Business Development Director

Robert J. Rooney, Jr.
V President

As Vice President and Business Development Director of Freezn, Inc., Rob has provided the overall vision and mission of the company and also manages its technical properties. He is responsible for product acquisition, marketing and the e-commerce operations of the company. Rob is committed to bringing to the marketplace only proven and tested product and service offers. He realizes the best way to bring new business to the merchant is to make sure they are bringing real value to the end user.

Rob has worked in the family business for over thirty years along with starting and managing his own entrepreneurial ventures. He has experience in the technical and communications field and is credited for creating the Company’s invaluable Affiliate Rewards System for its consumers and merchants. Freezn’s System is unlike anything you have seen before and is putting financial rewards into the hands of its affiliates who recognize the value in saving money and are willing to share those benefits with others.

Shannon Mette, Executive Committee/Advisory Board

Shannon Mette, Member Board of Directors

Shannon Mette
Executive Board

Shannon is a business woman that has operated her own entrepreneurial enterprises for years prior to joining the family design/build business about ten years ago. She had worked for that business about eight years before being promoted to President which is the title she presently holds. Shannon is a talented designer, committed to excellence and is currently in charge of several large projects.

Shannon plays and integral role as an Executive Board Member of Freezn with her many talents and commitment to excellence. The company’s overall principles and practices mirror the high standards Shannon sets for herself, making her an invaluable asset to the Company.

Roy Witwer, Marketing Director, St. Louis, MO

Roy Witwer, Director of Marketing/Executive Board

Roy Witwer
Director of Marketing
Executive Board

As Marketing Director, Roy is responsible to oversee the activities of our National Marketing Team which includes training of our Account Managers and the evaluation of the Merchants Deals submitted to the Company daily. Roy works with our field sales force to secure Daily Deals for Freezn and is responsible to evaluate the quality and value of those offers presented to the Company for our customers. Roy is responsible to make sure all appropriate documents for our deals are compliant and executed in full by our Merchants and Account Managers.

Roy has worked twenty five years in the insurance industry as an insurance broker and currently holds his license. He is an effective communicator and has had a successful career in estate planning and investments. His work ethic is an invaluable asset to the Company.

Keith Mette, Executive Committee/Advisory Board

Keith Mette, Advisory Board

Keith Mette
Advisory Board

As an Executive Committee member, Keith plays a direct role for the company in its online marketing and social media campaigns.

Keith’s business experience includes eleven years as a real estate agent of which he continues to hold his license. He is co-founder of Mette Media, a marketing company creating sales and marketing solutions for local businesses. His expertise in SEO, online marketing and social media gives Keith the credentials needed to advise the company with its online marketing campaign.

Marketing Team

John Kurz, Account Manager, St. Louis, MO

John Kurz, Account Manager, St. Louis, MO

John Kurz
Account Manager

John was born in St. Louis and has four wonderful children. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He lived in Wyoming for seven years where he worked for the U. S. Forest Service.

Since John has that entrepreneurial spirit for four years he owned and operated his own cable TV classified car show where he produced videos and marketed automobiles. He returned to St. Louis and for the past twenty-five years has worked in the Mortgage Industry. John is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to fish even though he says he doesn’t get to do enough of it. When he has spare time he chooses to dedicate that time to his church.

John is a client pleaser and a team player. His integrity and honesty makes him an invaluable asset to Freezn.

Carla Arrigo, Account Manager, St. Louis, MO

Carla Arrigo, Account Manager, St. Louis, MO

Carla Arrigo
Account Manager

Ask Carla on any given day what her passion is and you’ll easily see it is helping people connect, find ways to save money and get more from life. Carla discovered her passion at the early age of 8, on a quest to get to Summer Camp. Since then, she has always taken life head on and didn’t let what seemed “crazy” by others, hold her back. She’s proven this by becoming a top sales person as a woman selling cars in a male dominated industry and topped sales in advertising for the Spanish Yellow Pages without speaking a word of Spanish, and not to mention a 12 year career at McDonnell Douglas all while raising two children as a single parent. Crazy? Maybe, but for those who know Carla, it’s just an example of her passion and gratitude for such a blessed life.

She loves meeting new people, and is always willing to lend a hand, make a connection, or help you find a deal. Today, she supports consumers and businesses by connecting them together for greater results with Freezn’s Value Driven System

Jim Williams, Account Manager, St. Louis, MO

Jim Williams, Account Manager, St. Louis, MO

Jim Williams
Account Manager

Jim Williams comes to Freezn after years in the media/communications field. He started his career as a news producer, moving over into the PR world so he could stay in his home town of St. Louis. Currently living in St. Charles, MO, Jim has a heart for not-for-profits. He is connected to many social and business networks.

Jim has never met a stranger and puts his clients at ease with his sense of humor and ability to provide them with whatever they need. He is comfortable in the board room, on the golf course and everything in between. Jim is committed to having a balanced work-life perspective and gives 110% to everything he does. He is a caring team player and always makes himself available to brainstorm and network with anyone that feels he is needed.

Linda Turman, Account Manager, Sacramento, CA

Linda Turman, Account Manager, Sacramento, CA

Linda Turman
Account Manager

Linda is an exuberant, caring individual with a passion for her products and the people with whom she works. She gives much of herself with a work ethic next to none. She is a top sales producer, positive thinker and great motivator, said her manager, Scott Bowe of Clipper Magazine in the Sacramento area. He went on to give Linda the sole credit for the growth of Clipper Magazine in the Sacramento area. Linda earns great respect from the people she works with because of her dependability and never ending pursuit for success.

When Linda puts her mind to something, she gets it done. One of her favorites quotes is, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” author unknown. Linda is a great asset to the Freezn team and is excited to be heading up the team bringing Freezn to the Sacramento area.

Dick Trigg, Account Manager, Kingman, Arizona and Southern Nevada

Dick Trigg, Account Manager, Kingman, Arizona and Southern Nevada

Dick Trigg
Account Manager

Dick has been blessed with many successes and learning experiences over the past 40 years using his many talents. With a background in Tax Accounting with a "Big 8" CPA firm and Corporate Controllership positions, Dick transitioned into the Direct Selling Industry and has managed thousands of distributors in 34 States and 3 countries. In the past ten years, Dick has focused on working with small to medium sized businesses helping them make the transition to Internet Marketing, where the opportunities to grow a business's bottom line have never been better. Dick sets up both Local and National Accounts for Freezn.

Having personally known the Freezn founders and family for over 15 years, Dick believes that Freezn has the leadership and heart to be a very meaningful business partner for many thousands of companies and individuals. “It’s nice to know you are in the right place at the right time,” said Dick.